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Amicitia Incursio – Friendship raiding; how to raid and keep friends! WoW style.

:+: Still alive~ :+: February 21, 2008

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Wow. I truly have been neglecting this. – I forgot how busy I get at times and what not.
This is truly a quick post letting those know; I am alive! – I still play, and I hope to update soon. :)

Things have been busy both in-game and offline which leaves little time in-between. – This past week I think I have had at least 3 hours of things I had to get done.. and projects I need to finish soon.

Maybe those updates won’t be coming so soon. ;)

We have been having more solid attempts on nightbane and we downed the prince in one try this previous Saturday (for the first time ever!) – our guild is progressing and moving along quite well and our members are developing better relationships with everyone daily. Which I’m always happy to see.

 I love to see my guild-mates making friends ! – Soon I hope we’ll be in ZA which will bring even more challenges for us all.

Good luck and happy adventures to you all!



:+: BA Challenge two: wearing many hats! :+: February 5, 2008

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Over at Blog Azeroth there has been many suggestions for shared topics.
The second topic I’m covering was suggested by Trackhoof over at Survival Hunters Anonymous.

Q: Do you feel there is a balance between your real life and your WoW life; if so, how do you achieve it?

 At times it’s very hard to draw a line between in-game and reality.
 With supportive in-game friends and a great guild it’s hard to leave them behind and pursue the ‘real world’. – And at times, the thought must be passed; “Why?”.

Why must we pursue the real world? Pursue a job, pursue a career and degrees, relationships with friends offline, relationships period. – The truth is, WoW won’t last forever. – It’ll have it’s time, and one day, it’s time will fade.
Something bigger and better will come along and we’ll move on.

Balance, is key in my opinion to enjoying the game to its fullest. – I’ve been playing for three years and I still enjoy every aspect of the game due to limiting myself and striding forward both in life, and in game.

for example; I know that I’m lucky to get an hour or two of game play in tuesdays, and after a busy day I’m not sure I want to log into the game at eight o’ clock at night when I finally stumble in the door.
I accept this and use it to balance my game time, I raid wednesday, saturday and sunday evenings.
These are days I don’t have commitments to things outside of WoW.
Even with committing to other things in game (raiding, pvp and now leading the guild) I still find time to volunteer at least two hours a week, sing in two choirs, practice my piano daily for thirty minutes and study.

Most of my family plays WoW, or have at one point. – We’ve spent a ton of time bonding in game and (for the most part) love to play together. We are even in the same guild, for goodness sake!

Finding a good medium is the hardest thing I’ve ever done when playing a game of any structure. – some weeks I wish I could quest, quest and quest. Others I feel like I’m neglected my out of WoW life and need to focus on that.

It’s a give and take, I give time to take away memories. – And spend some time with friends & family in game.
I’m happy where I am, I achieve balance by making a conscience effort to do so. – And it always takes effort.



:+: Updates :+: February 4, 2008

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First off, a huge thanks to the following for input into transition;
Dionadarfor your great illustration on PvP vs PvE gear among many other things!
Karthis– for a blog post that came at the PERFECT time! huzzah!
Matticus – for taking the time to answer my questions I posed.

These players have been a great help, and I’m glad to report that after 2.5 hours today, I finally wrote down what I think is a solid proposal of ideas. – which include a mass of suggestions and ideas from all these players, as well as some I thought of myself (all proud and what not) and others that I found on the WoW fourms (wow.. solid posts there, nowai). We’ll see which ones go through and what not Friday night. ;)

The stress that was there from the idea of going into this Transition blindly has albeit disappeared. – I must state again that I’m thrilled to have the chance to get into these instances and I can’t wait to start updating you all on our great achievements in there!

I don’t remember the last time I was so amped to get into a raiding instance and move forward, moving out of karazhan finally after almost a year in there will be a great feeling. – although a challenge.
Your suggestions and ideas will be a great assist to us as we venture forward.

Until then, we’ll be focused back on karazhan and gruul’s.

Thanks again!



:+: Transition :+: February 3, 2008

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 For those interesting in some good reading on this topic consider:”
Building a raiding guild || Structuring your casual raiding guild

Normally I post about what I know. – And things that I like to talk about.
Well, today I’m doing more talking but I’m also looking for input. ;)

For those of you who don’t know, I currently help run a medium/small sized guild raiding Karazhan and looking to move into ZA within the coming week or two. – We clear gruul’s weekly with our alliance and help from friends. (though not this week, it’s superbowl!)

Recently we’ve entered discussions on SSC and how to go about fitting together a stable group of 25 people together.
We’re looking at loot rules, how to run it, group invites, specs, gear, and lots of other things.

I’m a veteran of the old raiding circuit, so it doesn’t frighten me, I’m thrilled to get the chance to head towards SSC and others. However, I’m unsure exactly how to transition a guild or even encourage a guild alliance entirely, as I have never been in this position before.

A little background; We’re a handful of guilds, quite a few with one or two raiders from it. The largest of who are percitpating being  INC, with easily ten+ consistent raiders. – the second closest being 7-9. The two of us started an alliance with another guild, (which has dissolved) and we have continued to raid and play together on a fairly regular basis.

Having gotten gruul’s down to a successful clear a few weeks in a row we’re starting to pursue talks of SSC/TK/MAG – to be ahead of the game when the time comes we’re geared and ready for it.

We’ve already started to talk a little and have set up a ‘meeting’ later this week to take place in hopes to find some common ground and ideas. – And to keep talks flowing on resist gear and mats we need to pursue.

first let me say that these are thoughts and feelings that I have discussed very limited with them and have not been approved at all, I’m just looking for feedback and suggestions at this point.

The following I have purposed to them for further discussion this week:

Forums and council:

First thing will go down without a hitch, we’re going to set up a forum for us and those who we invite to our 25 man system. To keep in touch without having to log into the game or to eliminate the need to send out 25+ notes every time we set up a raid. – We have a name in mind and we’ll be using a PhP free based forum.

My hope is to have a council formed for guidance and representation in larger massed guilds in the runs (5+ players in the run is the number I’ve suggested) so we can keep the field leveled. – Also, these would be some of the fourm mods which would be two birds with one stone.

Main Tanks

Having amassed quite a few good tanks from both guilds we need to set some MT/OT rotations and find which ones work together and which ones will be our priority to gear. 

We’ve had issues with too many tanks for some runs, however, if we want to collect properly geared tanks for when we’re ready to enter these instances we may have to have a rotation set up. – They won’t get in every night but they will get some tank time in Gruul’s or ZA or Karazhan and thus gear.

I have four warriors, two druids and a prot pally I have thought of putting names forward on. – The two druids can also be kitty dps when needed and the prot pally always has healing gear in his bags; those three tanks, from what I’ve read so far on SSC/TK, would be more hydross trash and what not. – but I could be mistaken and I’m sure there are some fights that would utilize their abilities better then a warrior.

Specs raiding specs and specs that will fit into these instances.

The guilds that are part of this alliance are casual; I believe in freedom of choice and as long as you can play it you should be able to (within reason) spec it. – However, this may limit your time in a raid and this may hinder our progression and you may be asked to respec at some point.

Having said that; there are some pvp specs kicking around, I even just finally got out of a PvP frost spec for raiding.
Plus, on top of that frost mages won’t be as much as an asset in SSC from what I’ve understood, so fire gear must be built and respecs will be needed on that front.

DKP or looting system:

Both guilds currently use a free-roll system.
Roll if you need, if no one need rolls it; it goes to alt spec; then to greed; then to DE.

I have suggested moving away from it with 25 people and to start using a DKP system; in old world raiding I was use to it and understand the benefits and hindrances of it. – However, I believe when used properly it can be one of the greatest motivators for those serious about the raiding and can save a ton of pain for raidleader/guildmaster. – However, input and suggestions on something that may work for us would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not that familiar with Modified Rolling and I know that Loot council can get pretty sticky at times, however I’m open to either one of those as well.

Suicide kings one of our officers had a bad experience with in a previous guild and I have often said that it’s more trouble then it’s worth, so, I think that would be the only system that wouldn’t work with us.

Gear hit cap and pvp vs pve gear:

PvP vs PvE gear is something I’m working on and will have the pros and cons ready for this meeting hopefully.
However, the most basic thing that comes to mind is the hit cap. – Hit cap for DPS in the one thing that will boost your damage output more then anything else. – Hitting the mob is important and PvP gear lacks hit.

(I’m not hit capped, I will be soon, however. – with some luck on the drops..!)

Any other notes of PvP vs. PvE gear and what classes/roles can get away with it at this level of raiding would also, be appreciated.

Attendance and invites & Sitting out of raids:

Attendance will be a big thing, we don’t want someone to receive DKP and not show up for a month. – Talking to a few people who will be involved in these discussions we thought about putting a one month wipe on the DKP earned if you don’t show up for standby/raiding once a month. – However, that may seem a little harsh and input on that would be great as well.

Invites should be done by roles/classes, suggestion on what to bring to ‘Loot reaver’ or Lurker would be great as well, I’ll be doing some reading and chatting on good party balances but input from readers and what not is always appreciated. – What does your raid bring?

Another thing that I’ll be bringing up (and hopefully not stepping on tooo many toes :() is raiders and alts. – It’s great to be raiding, but sitting out isn’t a badthing either.  Filling a spot with alts instead of a main will hinder our gear progression and thus our progression as a whole.

Rotations.. how does your guild go about with them? – Do you switch MT/OT combinations or do you keep the same MT in each week ?

Class balance.

Lastly, balance.
We don’t want 15 hunters running around and using all the spots in the raid (although, it would be a funny sight to see!) and we don’t want to overfill in mages or warlocks either.

Some fights I have read about in SSC/TK recommends more casters then melee, others more melee.
When attempting these boss fights; does your guild rotate the dps? or do you take what you’ve got and hope for the best? even if you’re caster stacked.

You’re input and thoughts would be much appreciated in all of this and will hopefully make this Transition easier for all our guilds. Thoughts and ideas on how you prepared your players and made the transition successful would also be lovely.

I guess in the end it comes down to how serious we are to move into these instances; lots of us have prior comitments on other days and we would only be looking to raid a few nights (max 20 hours I think) a week. – I’m sure it’s possible with some work to do it this way, but it will take some work. – Like everything we do! :)

Thank you everyone in advanced~



:+: Mage bufffffs! :+: February 2, 2008

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Just a quick nonsense post.. yeahhh. – Karazhan tonight!

In my moment of pure boredom, I found myself clicking around my beloved class forums reading all the … ‘discussion’ that was going on.

Serious mage buff; “I do know that in patch 2.4 players can only carry 80 of your delicious conjured manna biscuits at one time. As a result, you should experience less banquet-creating frustration. Sorry, the spell icon will remain the same and not look any more new or unique.” – Reference.

Now how am I suppose to bribe my buffs out of people? Holding the table goodies hostage won’t work anymore. :(



:+: BA Challenge one: enjoying my mage :+: February 1, 2008

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Over at Blog Azeroth a thread was started called the “Shared Topic.”
The first question was posed by Siha from
Banana Shoulders

Q: What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?

Having played many classes over my years in WoW I can firmly attest to the fact my favorite class is the Mage. I have leveled a handful of classes past 30 and only two have made it to 70 thus far. (My Mage and a resto druid). However, the mage is the only class I have played without thinking “This is boring, I should go play something else.”

My main focus is my guild and raiding. – Though I do tend to slap on some gear and PvP for some cash. :P
I love rotating my trinket cool downs and icy veins and racing around spamming frost bolt at the opportune time.
Every piece of gear that I earn and gain makes me feel that much more accomplished in my role. – The faster I can take down a mob without pulling aggro, the better I feel.
The mage is a versatile role – more versatile then people often give us credit for.
When we provide our stats right and stack our damage in a knowledgeable way we easily become one of the most powerful classes. 
I never have to stress about bringing extra water.. the biggest stress I have is remembering reagents and potions!
Being able to take on multiple targets with a click of a button is a true joy, being able to kite things with cloth gear is a challenge and when successfully down is a wonderful feeling.

 Why frost.
I love frost spec, I wouldn’t change it for anything (well… SSC will be another story!). – It’s a great spec of survivability and endurance.
I enjoy the survivability of it – for if you can’t live what’s the point of all that damage? there is no point to it.
I can kite nearly as well as any other, as long as I get my procs and slows in and I enjoy proving this to anyone who doubts it. ;)

when played right, I can and have topped the damage meters. – When I roll my trinkets and keep confidence in the tanks it’s not un-common for me to reach the top of the meters.

I think that sums up what I enjoy about my role and class.
I hope this brings you some insight on the class and encourages you maybe to give it a try. :D



:+: PUG and the loots :+:

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We’ve all done it. – The raid is in trouble, the DPS has taken a strike against raiding tonight.
You don’t want to victimize those who have shown up, so you pug a friend or hit up LFG for another body.

This entry is looking at some of the issues that may come up.
I highly recommend going over loot rules with the raid group before entering the instance of choice – it will keep your butt out of trouble if an issue does come up.

“What? I explained it earlier, I’m not sure what the issue is.” ;)

Table of contents:

  • should they get loot?
  • Pug over Raider
  • How should they get loot?
  • How to deal with questions

Should they get loot:

I firmly believe that anyone who shows up and participates in a raid should be allowed to bid/roll on loot. – It really depends what system you use.

If you’re on a DKP system; offer them DKP points, explain that they most likely won’t be getting any items, (unless no one else wants it.. consider letting them go into negative DKP to gain a item rather then Disenchanting it.) but they’ll be receiving these points and if invited back they’ll have a better chance at items.

If you’re on a free roll system; explain to them that some items will be restricted to classes/roles (the pocket watch from moroes comes to mind). – Make sure they understand that as a hunter, they won’t be allowed to roll on the healing mail no matter how determined they are it’s an upgrade. –  For one thing, they’ll look like the biggest noob on the server. :P And for another reason, it’s the healers gear first.

PUG over raider:

This is a very touchy subject. – In a free roll system it’s going to be who wins the roll.
However you may choose to restrict the loot to raiders first.

This can cause some drama between raiders and PUGs quite easily if the step it taken to restrict the loot to the raiders; for one thing the PUG is offering time from their game play to help you in the instance.

Sure, they’re getting to see the sights of the instance, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive an item or two from it as well?
I sure think it is!

For one thing, the more polite you are to the player the more they may consider coming back or better yet joining your guild! – And who wouldn’t want another top healer?
If they’re under par you don’t have to take them back. ;)

As long as they’re rolling on respectable pieces (Spell damage for mages.. not healing items) I doubt there should be a problem with rolling.

DKP is another story, as mentioned in the previous section it’s best to just offer them DKP. – It’s up to you if you want to use a negative DKP system.

How should they get loot:

As long as they’re rolling or bidding on respectable pieces they should get loot like everyone else.
That’s when it comes for epics.

What about blues, boe epics and greens? what about enchanting mats? recipes?

Recipes: As any other raider, letting them roll on it will again gain you some friends. – Explain how you’ll do it (ie; pass first then roll) and welcome them to roll on it as long as they can use it. – if they do win it, you can always ask them to enchant it.

Greens and BOE blues: Stick with your normal raiding guns here, if you normally let the guild roll on them for funds tell them they can do so as well. – If it’s an upgrade tell them to roll need.

Boe epics: This I suggest handling a little differently. – Have everyone pass and tell those who it’s an upgrade for to roll/bid. I often handle BoE epics in the same fashion as a BoP Epic. – Upgrades first, alt specs then disenchant for the guild bank.

Enchanting mats: If you donate all the enchanting mats to the guild bank for enchanting continue to do so this run; explain to the PUG members politely that you enjoy their company and are glad to have them but all enchanting mats will be going to the guild bank to help your guild progress.

How to deal with questions:

So you’ve dealt with the PUG questions and have set down some rules on loot. – Now to deal with your raiders questions.
There is no doubt that someone will have a bone to pick within the rules that have be implanted.

One of the issues that could pop the first time around is the PUGs rolling on gear. – Calmly explain to them that they’ve earned it by participating in the raid, and if they would rather see the gear stay in the guild to encourage those friends that didn’t show up to show up.

PUG players and loot isn’t as scary or problem causing as people can see it as.
As long as you explain and follow the loot rules you have in place things should go smooth. – For the most part. :P




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