Amicitia Incursio

Amicitia Incursio – Friendship raiding; how to raid and keep friends! WoW style.

:+: Updates :+: February 4, 2008

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First off, a huge thanks to the following for input into transition;
Dionadarfor your great illustration on PvP vs PvE gear among many other things!
Karthis– for a blog post that came at the PERFECT time! huzzah!
Matticus – for taking the time to answer my questions I posed.

These players have been a great help, and I’m glad to report that after 2.5 hours today, I finally wrote down what I think is a solid proposal of ideas. – which include a mass of suggestions and ideas from all these players, as well as some I thought of myself (all proud and what not) and others that I found on the WoW fourms (wow.. solid posts there, nowai). We’ll see which ones go through and what not Friday night. ;)

The stress that was there from the idea of going into this Transition blindly has albeit disappeared. – I must state again that I’m thrilled to have the chance to get into these instances and I can’t wait to start updating you all on our great achievements in there!

I don’t remember the last time I was so amped to get into a raiding instance and move forward, moving out of karazhan finally after almost a year in there will be a great feeling. – although a challenge.
Your suggestions and ideas will be a great assist to us as we venture forward.

Until then, we’ll be focused back on karazhan and gruul’s.

Thanks again!



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